“Bold beauty in the face of a jaundiced eye, I am untroubled. Determined composure, I am unraveled. Emboldened by my value and worth, I am serene.”

With a reputation for being a fashion designer’s “model,” and a dedication to the art of fashion and modeling, Ericka officially launches her modeling career as the newest signing to SUSO Modeling. Ericka was brought to the agency through Scott Deruse, Senior Vice President of SUSO Modeling.

“We are proud to welcome Ericka to the SUSO Modeling tradition and family of models,” said SUSO President and CEO Jason Nesieto. “We have a tremendous amount of respect for the canty style and daring elegance Ericka has exemplified, and it’s our job to nurture and protect that spirit. Ericka has demonstrated a willingness to explore the meaning of beauty. Our agency welcomes and applauds our new addition, Ericka Helmer. 5’9 30” 23.5’ 34.5” 9 US Brown Blue


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Paris Fashion Week Runway 2014